Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Health Issues

  MVD- Unfortunately Cavaliers are prone to  mitral valve disease (heart disease).  While breeders are doing their best to breed this problem out of the breed, it is still a problem, so it is best to  buy from a breeder that has a healthy line and only uses dogs in their breeding program that are MVD clear.  

  Luxating Patellae- as in most toy breeds, patellar subluxation (knee dislocation or loose knee joints) is common in Cavaliers. While grades 1 or 2 are seldom a problem, and are usually not noticeable without veterinarian specifically checking for it, grades 3 or 4 can result in lameness and can require surgery. So a dog with any grade luxating patellae, while suitable for a pet, should not be used for breeding.

  Eye problems- there are several eye problems which  can affect Cavaliers, they range from early cataracts to eye entropian (eyelashes that grow down into the eye).

  Syringomyelia (SM)- used to be a very rare condition, but it is now receiving more attention  as   it is being diagnosed in more and more Cavaliers. It is a condition where there is an  obstruction of cerebral fluid and fluid filled         cavities develope within the spinal cord.  The most   common signs are  scratching in the air while moving, and pain.  But there can be many more symptoms, or barely any symptoms at all,  depending on the severity. Diagnosis can only be made by MRI.

Less Common

  Hip dysplasia & epilepsy- while not as common as some other problems, hip dysplasia & epilepsy have  also show up in some Cavaliers.

The health of our dogs is  our number one priority  As of  10/7/23 our screening program for  Our Adult dogs used in/ our breeding program will be screened for the following:

** Heart - screened by a veterinary cardiologist
**Eyes -  screened by a veterinary ophthalmologist
**Patellas- screened for luxating patellae
**Dry Eye Curly Coat
**Episodic Fall Syndrome
 Most Common
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